Tiger Shroff is Playing MJ’s fan role in Munna Michael

‘It wasn’t difficult to play MJ’s fan on real since I am one in real life’-Tiger Shroff

TIGER-SHROFF-300x225 Tiger Shroff is Playing MJ's fan role in  Munna Michael

Munna Michael

Actor Tiger Shroff is all set to show his love and admiration for King Of Pop Michael Jackson on a reel. The die-hard fan of the Billie Jean hitmaker will be seen “moonwalking” to some of the Pop Star’s greatest hits in the upcoming flick Munna Michael. The Flying Jat star, who has wooed his fans in his previous outings with gravity-defying stunts and suave dance moves, is kicked about landing the opportunity and is going all out to do justice to the character. Keeping in line with the role, the Baaghi actor recently performed a tribute performance to Jackson on the legend’s eight death Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and difficulty of imitating MJ’s moves and more Excepts:

We’ve seen Shah Rukh Khan play a very obsessive fan in his  2016 film. What kind of fan is your character in Munna Michael?

Michael-Jackson-215x300 Tiger Shroff is Playing MJ's fan role in  Munna Michael

Munna Michael

My character is a dedicated MJ fan. He’s a noble and determined man but doesn’t channelize his talent in the right direction at first. MJ serves as a theme in the film, brought out through the choreography. For me, it wasn’t difficult getting into the character since I am an MJ fan in real life too. It would have been great though if MJ was alive to see this.

How easy or difficult was it for you to master MJ’s moves?           

It wasn’t easy at all, especially since I was preparing to pay tribute to the King of Pop. There can be only one King. But the least I could do was to work hard enough to get somewhere close to what he was.

It’s been eight years since Michael Jackson passed away. A lot of unsavory thing and controversies cropped up after his death. Do you think people still look up to the legend?

The day he died, I was very angry at many people, for misunderstanding and accusing him of so many things. I wanted to get back at all of them. It’s because I knew MJ well and loved him so much. It’s unfortunate that towards the end of his life, people looked only at his negatives and forgot about his genius, his philanthropic efforts and all that he accomplished. Even today, his songs have messages that resonate with people throughout the world.

In the past, you stated that you’d want every kid to know you by your name, like Micheal Jackson. With social media, how easy or difficult is that to achieve today?

Well, it’s easier, but tough as well. It is easier because social media allows you to express yourself to millions around the world. But then social media is also very judgemental, which makes it tough. People just put you down or write off. You really need to believe in yourself and have confidence in your abilities.

You were quoted as having a ‘Nawaz complex’. What did you learn from Nawazuddin Siddiqui (he plays the role of a gangster who aspires to dance)? Did he give you tips?

If there’s something Nawazji has taught me, it is how to be composed. He can face the camera with so much ease. I was awestruck with the way he works with silences, with subtext, and between the lines.  He is a real encyclopedia of acting. There’s so much I got to learn from him. About tips, he never asked him for any either. I’m sure many might have done that before, so I’d ask him about his family. I used to quietly observe how he prepared to get into the character so effortlessly before the scene

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